Hiking The Blue Hills Red Dot Trail

A hike at the Blue Hills is an amazing experience right here in eastern Massachusetts. Located in Milton, there is plenty of free parking. They also offering skiing, even at night with lights! We took the red dot trail, which has amazing stone features the entire walk up. The trail was a moderate uphill climb, 3/4 of a mile to the top. Once at the top, there are plenty of views from the stone viewing tower. There is also a weather observatory at the top, which offers light refreshments, bathroom facilities, and a guided tour of the weather observatory. There are lots of other trails that also run throughout the area and plenty of space to get away from the city. I would highly recommend this hike and hope you enjoy my photos.

Running stream

A stream running off the Blue Hills

Stone Steps

At the beginning of the red dot trail, there are large stone steps.

Large Stone Blue Hills

All through the Blue Hills there are large stone formations.

Large Stone Flat Rock

This was a real nice flat stone we discovered on our walk on the red dot trail.

Large Stone

This section of the trail had a great feeling. Almost like traveling through time.

Large Stone

Large stone reminds me how little time we spend on earth..

Sweeping views

At the top of Great Blue Hill, there are some great views of Boston, Massachusetts.

Blue Hill View

This is looking off the viewing tower on Great Blue Hill.

Stone Bridge Blue Hill

There are some amazing man-made stone structures on top of the Blue Hills.

Fly a kite

Great Blue Hill has always been a great place to fly a kite.

Weather Observatory

The Blue Hills has a weather observatory at the top that offers a tour that is well worth the low fee.

Winter Berry

Winter Berry is a native plant that attracts wildlife.

Night Skiing

Blue Hills has a ski area that is open both day and night and is well lit.

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