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Thought - Light of you

“Thought for Thursday” is my new weekly update where I will share one of the most important thoughts I had each week. Though you may not always agree with my thoughts, they will surely make you think. Whenever we read someone else’s thoughts or opinions, it is important for us to take time to try to understand why they think the way they do. When analyzing someone else’s thoughts we must always deconstruct all they say and take only those details that work for our own path. Let my thoughts be your guide to learning where I am in my life and I hope they help you find your path. Please feel free to comment and question any and all of my thoughts and I will debate them with you in a friendly manner.

Is it within you our outside

Thursday Thought – December 29th 2016

In life, we all seek answers and to find some sort of enlightenment on what life really means. I have learned, in time, that we all live in a distorted reality that we create. The light which shines from within us, or above (based on your belief system) is still a light capable of creating shadows. These shadows are cast across places where our mind has determined darkness exists. Imagine if you were able to accept more than one light source how few shadows there may be?

Information works this very same way. Sometimes we think we know so much because someone more powerful than us told us something. This information works like a tall building on a sunny day, casting an enormous shadow down on you. If you simply learn to challenge each piece of information, the warmth of the sun shall be imparted upon you.


Shawn Moloney

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