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2016 has been an exciting year for me in ever facet of my life. I came into this year with an extremely positive outlook and set enormous goals. The goals for my year were:

  1. Re-brand and grow Movementum Realty to be a leader in real estate.
  2. Sell my 10-year-old tree and landscape company, which I had built from the ground up.
  3. Sell my house and move into a rental property to allow me to travel more often.
  4. Learn a second language.
  5. Plan and launch a new company.
  6. Study more often and continue to expand my own education.
  7. Get into the best shape of my life.
  8. Expand my spiritual awareness.
  9. Expand my online presence and share the great experiences I get to enjoy in my life.

I do not look to meet goals I take them

I knew when I set these goals that the only way I was going to even come close to reaching them would be to implement all the strategies I have been studying. The first thing I did was write down all my goals and tell people about them so I could be held accountable to take action. Next, I created a mental plan of a successful path to each goal. Then when necessary (almost always), I got a coach or teammate!

Movementum is a full service real estate brokerage

  1. The re-branding of Movementum Realty it is well underway. We completed the sale of two houses on Friday of last week and have many clients we are working with for home purchases. So far I have completed the commission plans to hire agents, hired a personal assistant, hired a webmaster, and began the hiring process. Business has increased to a level where I now need to hire a showing/buyer’s agent to be on the Shawn Moloney team working for Movementum Realty. I have seen this grow through knowledge of social media and my large circle of influence.SPM Enterprises
  2. In order to sell my tree and landscape company, I worked for months to get the company ready to sell. I made sure I thought of every detail the new owner would need to know in order for them to succeed. Once I had the details in order, I listed the company with a business broker and we located a few buyers. After much thought, negotiations, and reflection, I chose to sell to Cutting Edge Landscaping.World travel goals
  3. Lots of people have been wondering why I would sell my home when I have a nice place. I have learned in life that possessions are not as valuable as experiences. I decided I would like to get out and see more of the world. I am going to work hard and often and sometimes even mobile, but I am going to do what it takes to get away at every opportunity. I have no plans as to where or when except that I am going to Saint Croix often to help my brother move there and then to visit. I am going to Iceland in December. I am headed on a cruise in February that leaves from Miami and goes to Mexico, Honduras, and Belize. Other than those trips I am completely open to where I will be going, where I will be staying, and what I will be doing there. But don’t worry, I will be posting where I am headed as well as pictures while I travel so you can enjoy the trips with me.Sunrise US Virgin Islands Saint Croix
  4. I have taken an on-again off-again Journey with Duo-Lingo but I need to get a focus line on this. I need to find a friend or teacher to spend more time speaking Spanish with so I stay motivated. As of now, I am at a very basic level of Spanish. I will continue to work on this until I reach a fully fluent level.Small Business Consulting
  5. While I worked at the ice cream shop, Dairy Twist, I started my landsape and tree company and called it SPM Enterprises. While I worked at SPM, I worked at Macdonald & Wood Sotheby’s to get my real estate brokers license. While I first built Movementum Realty, I worked on growing SPM to sell. Now it is time to start my next endeavor. I enjoy the challenges of small business and look forward to opening the newest one. In order to reach this goal I first had to determine what it was I wanted to do. The exciting news is I have decided upon opening a consulting firm! We will be offering a full line of small business and entrepreneur growth consulting. After running these successful businesses as well as being a contributing member/executive on many boards and organizations, I look forward to sharing my knowledge of business growth with others.Closing of home sales
  6. Studying is an area we all seem to slack back on time and time again. It is important to me to keep my focus on studying and learning something new every day. Lately, I have been on a reading binge. I am not your average fiction reader, chasing dragons, lust, or other fantasy. I am your not-so-average autodidact chasing one idea to the next, filling gaps between one piece of knowledge and the next like a spider web. This past week I read, “The One Thing” By Gary Keller, “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn, and “A Brief Introduction To Social Role Valorization” by Wolf Wolfensberger. Each of these books were introduced to me by another person. I feel there is no better gift than to share a great book or piece of knowledge that you know will profoundly change someone’s life or way of thinking.  I have also become interested in epistemology lately and will be seeking out a tutor on this subject very soon.Saint Croix on the beach
  7. I decided that part of working myself hard should also include working on my body. Knowing this and that people judge books by their covers, I decided to put together some goals and a plan to get in the best shape of my life.  I set the goal of being able to do a planche, human flag, and a handstand. After that, I set off and signed up for a monthly pass to Open Doors Yoga where I am a very active member and have been gaining new talents all the time. Recently, I decided this was not going to be enough to reach my goals so also got a personal trainer and started hitting the weights twice a week with her at 7am on Mondays and Wednesdays. The power lifting seems to be increasing my strength and I have impressed myself with the strength I already have.

    Spiritual Right Place Right Time

    I did not write my name to to left on the sign as you look at it but it was there upon my arrival why? Right place right time!

  8. When it comes to spirituality, people always jump to conclusions about God and a whole list of items I am unwilling to discuss with them. Let’s just say, in this way I am a special person. I have a strange connectivity to this earth, events, objects, and certain people on it that I cannot explain to many people (though I will work on blogging about this subject to help try). This year, through meeting certain people and allowing life to steer my path, I have made leaps and bounds of progress to a better understanding of my purpose. One thing I have learned this year through this quest, is that time for me is crucial and I have plenty of it now. This is a subject I really enjoy and am glad to share with anyone, though I know that sometimes I come off as a bit of a quack if you have a traditional mindset.Life as a Ceo Executive
  9. Knowing the value of online presence, I have now hired a webmaster and will be expanding the Shawn Moloney, Movementum, and new company brand online. I am going to ensure that all of my websites, social media accountants, and all other pertinent online places are always maximized and that I am an active, contributing member to all of them. My webmaster is going to be working with me to streamline all my posting processes to make sure I am not missing posts or feedback from my friends and followers. This has been a really exciting time for me and means it is time for expansion. I have always envisioned a “war room” style place where I can run all my companies’ medias from one place! Let’s just say, these are exciting times to be alive.

Living life at Point UdallOverall, for where I am in the 2016 year, I could not be happier with Movementum’s success, my house under agreement, my business sold,  my next business starting, and my physical health. I have expanded my spiritual being and learned more this year than in my entire life combined. To date this year I have been to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Ogunquit, Hampton Beach, Cape Cod, Columbia, Panama, Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Saint Croix, and Puerto Rico with other places to come. Life is really treating me well and I looked forward to spending the next segment of my life helping others find success.


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About the Author:

Shawn Moloney is the CEO and founder of Movementum Realty. A native of Massachusetts’s South Shore, Shawn was born in Weymouth and later moved to Pembroke. He attended Massasoit Community College where he studied Criminal Justice. Shawn’s love for the outdoors and his entrepreneurial spirit were put to use when he started his own successful tree and landscaping business, SPM Enterprises, running it from 2006-2016 selling the company. Through managing the thriving company and caring for residential and commercial properties, Shawn was inspired to enter the real estate sector. With his intimate knowledge of home and property upkeep, Shawn found success as a sales associate at MacDonald & Wood Sotheby’s International Realty in Duxbury, Massachusetts.Noticing a need in the market, and driven by his passion for real estate, in 2011 Shawn established Movementum Realty. With the goal of better serving individuals seeking to buy and sell property, he continues to grow Movementum and maintain impeccable business standards. His years of experience with properties and his extensive knowledge of the real estate industry have enabled him to successfully run a real estate brokerage. In his spare time, Shawn can be found hiking, gardening, doing yoga, looking at homes, shooting photography and spending time with his friends and family. He is an enthusiastic member of the community, actively participating and volunteering for local organizations such as the Duxbury Business Association and the Duxbury Bay Maritime School.

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